Music — 26 July 2011
Lady Gaga Shuts Down Hollywood This Week (Plus Why She’s Punk)

BREAKING (1:20 p.m.): Lady Gaga will be on Jimmy Kimmel THIS THURSDAY, and he’s shutting down Hollywood for her. A “block party” behind Hollywood Blvd. will take place. No word yet on how to get tickets, but Kimmel’s website is a good start.

So what’s Lady Gaga up to this week? Well, as of this writing she’s still doing radio and TV gigs to pimp her record, doing her Tumblr, writing pretentious musings on art,  and -surprise!- wearing outrageous outfits (we are loving the breakdown of her getups on this site, btw). What will she do/look like in her next video, we wonder? Will it be Madonna-esque? (Ok, so the recent teal tresses don’t bring to mind Madge, but her recent Versace poses sure do).

Rocker Charlie Paulson (Goldfinger, Black President) has been a die-hard LG fan since she first broke out, and being that his current project is playing in a band full of drag queens (Tranzkuntinental) he often hears a lot of back and forth about the Born This Way girl vs. The Material Girl. Here, he shares his thoughts on the comparisons.

If you put Madonna in a room full of people but give her no costumes, backing tracks or dancers, will she enthrall them with stories of how she will single-handedly save the children of Malawi one-by-one by buying them Alexander Mcqueen gowns, as told with an affected West London accent?

Prince bites Little Richard, Janis bit Etta James and Gaga bites from Madonna. That makes her no less a real singer, songwriter or classically trained pianist. She will fill that same room with music, without a producer, choreographer, stylist or video director there to help her.
Of course Gaga is influenced by Madonna, and she readily admits it. See the end of the “Born This Way” video. She’s 25 (or 29 depending on which article you read) which means “Like A Virgin” had already been out for three years before baby Gaga was born.

And while Madonna did come first, that still doesn’t make her Aretha, Patty Smith, Grace Jones or Billie Holiday. The funniest thing about this debate is that now Madonna (who’s always been viewed as porn-junk food-music) has somehow achieved cultural sainthood.

Gaga also displays a humility Madonna is incapable of. She regularly defers not only to Madonna but Bowie, Jones, Elton, Jimmy Page and fucking Bon Scott.. and when’s the last time you’ve heard Madonna refer to herself as hideously ugly and a terrible dancer? I disagree wholeheartedly that Gaga is either, but appreciate her honesty.
…I’ll take Gaga all day, every day.

P.S.: Gaga Likes Bad Brains.

P.S.S.: Britney’s fat ass can just sit in her trailerpark and watch both these ladies on TV.


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