Featured Night Life — 21 September 2011
Breaking Los Globos In; Freaking With Egyptian Lover

Was Los Globos the most coveted club venue in town? Would seem so. After our story about Steve Edelson buying it came out this week, we can’t tell you (like, we really can’t tell you, it was “off the record”) what we found out about how many other club owners were eyeing the space (for years!). Not surprising at all: this is prime real estate in one of the trendiest areas on the “Eastside” (and don’t write us, about using the “E” term, it’s E-asy, ok?)

Anyway, read our scoop here and see our pics from Hang The DJs 8 year Anniversary here. Check out our friends at Matador Y  Toros photo booth (where the top pic is from) here and their roaming shots on the site too. Loving this pic of us, HTDJs Scarlett Casanova and our pal Heidi Richman (below).



Though we didn’t stay the whole night at Globos, we will be back obviously, since both Adam 12′s AFEX and A Club Called Rhonda are moving there. And yeah, we broke this news to the masses too! (Our Horn: toot-toot!)



We saw several of the same retro-fashioned femmes and fellas at our next stop, Freak City, where hip-hop/electro legend Egyptian Lover performed along with NWA’s Arabian Prince. Read all about that show here and look for our writeup on F.C. in the Weekly’s upcoming Best Of LA issue….


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