Wear It, Work It — 13 September 2011
Missoni For Target: Knit Out Of Luck

The fashion world’s familiar zig-zags finally came to the big red circle(s) today, and we hear Missoni-maniacs have been standing in line for hours already at Target stores all across LA. Lazy shoppers like yours truly were knit-out-of-luck as the Target website apparently couldn’t handle the traffic and was “being updated” until just a short time ago. It’s working now, and after taking a lengthy gander at the offerings, our eyes kinda hurt.

9 a.m. UPDATE: It crashed again! Keep refreshing!

Wed., 9/14/11 UPDATE: Nearly everything on the site is listed “OUT OF STOCK.”


Of course, feeling the fabrics and trying the stuff on is the ultimate test, but judging from the website, we aren’t terribly excited by the clothes… at the least the women’s wear. (Seeing them in person will make all the difference, we’re sure).

We are, however, LOVING the children’s wear (above). Our little fashionista will surely be scoring a couple of these plum-hued pieces for Fall. We were excited by the house wares but alas the purple throw we wanted is already listed as “out of stock” on the site. The dinner wear is pretty groovy, so some of it will be brightening up our table. Of course, that is, if anything’s left when we make our Target trek tomorrow. We usually hit the Glendale Galleria store, but whenever the collabs come out, Eagle Rock Plaza seems to be the most fruitful for us. Hollywood and the Westside, forget about it.  -LL

Check out our pal, Mr. Mickey’s Missoni-rama house decor for Paper Mag here.
Our friends at Racked LA are tracking the crowds around town so check back on their blog.
The entire Missoni collection here.

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