Featured Moheak Radio Music — 19 November 2011
Video: ⚡LinA In LA⚡ Moheak show with The Runway Movement

The Moheak Studios were flooded with fierceness and fanciness this past Thursday, when we welcomed members of The Runway Movement to talk about the brand new club, Runway, debuting tonight at Circus Disco. Ernie Omega, Rude-ness, Jon Borunda, Made Beautiful and Ryan Burke each brought their “saturated selves” to the show and we had a special call-in from Cherie Lily, who performs live tonight, as well.


Check out the radio revelry in the two videos below and check out our setlist from the show on Spotify here. We think it’s a great soundtrack to get dressed/drenched to before a party like this, especially if,  ”you fancy.”


Watch live video from l_in_a on Justin.tv

Watch live video from l_in_a on Justin.tv

Info. on Runway via Facebook here and here .

Lina In LA party picks here.

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