Featured Wear It, Work It — 02 November 2011
Worn Out: Creepy vs Cute Costumes

Halloween is but a buried, booze n’ blood soaked memory for most of us by now. Gotta say, even though it is amateur night in our eyes, we had a good one this year. We hit up some vivacious and vampy parties, had a ball at our kid’s Great Pumpkin Festival and trick or treated til our feet — and teeth — hurt Monday night in an area of our neighborhood we never even knew existed: Berkeley Square aka “Boo-keley Square.” The multi-block stretch in the hills of  Silver Lake is inhabited by several special effects peeps and jovial party animals, so the houses featured wild props, elaborate haunted decor, and a spooktacular closed off party in the street.

We’ll b posting some pictures from that here so check back, but for now see links to our LA Weekly coverage of VEVO’s Six Feet Under bash at Hollywood Forever, KCRW’s Masquerade at  Park Plaza (where the dancer shot above is from) and Art Of Bleeding’s Halloween Highway below. We also offer a look here at our two Halloween get-ups this year. Yes, we’ve been guilty of doing the Slut-o-ween thing (in fact one year, we went as an actual prostitute with our gaggle of galpals, but we were 70′s hookers and we had a pimp straight out of I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, so it wasn’t totally trashy). This year we did creepy one night (makeup courtesy of Marky Makeup, who was a guest on our Moheak radio show last week) and cute the next (see our “Twister sister” look below… with a subtle sexy touch: cut out hands on the derriere dots). So which look do you prefer?


Lina Lecaro vampyLina Lecaro as Twister sister


Links to LA Weekly post-Halloween coverage:

Wayne Coyne, LMFAO, And Social Media Babes: Costumes That Rocked Halloween Parties This Weekend

Nightanger Slideshow: Nightranger: KCRW Masquerade and VEVO Six Feet Under

Nightranger Slideshow: Art of Bleeding’s Halloween Highway

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