Big Things Ahead for L.A. Slush and LinA In LA in 2012

Did 2011 kick your ass? Well, ours is still stinging. But you know what? There’s been some major highs as well as lows, and cliches be damned, it did make us stronger and an all-round better person, and writer too. We got to cover some amazing people and places and music. And what would we do without music? It pulled us through. It made us laugh. It helped us escape.

Nightlife reporting doesn’t get a lot of respect. We’ll probably never win a Pullitzer for it (ya never know, though!). But it has value. Can going out be superficial and even empty sometimes? Sure. Do we feel a little jaded sometimes? Yeah. But for the most part we look at going out as celebration. The rituals. The expression through fashion and movement and conversation. And the music. As we said on LA Weekly’s West Coast Sound blog this week, we love it and we always will.

In 2012, look for this blog to take  a giant step forward in providing you the best writing and photos from LA nightlife, pop culture, fashion, art, and music. Daily. We’ve got an intern now so we can do it right!

We’re moving LINA IN LA, our popular party/club picks column seen in the Weekly over to this blog so check back every Thursday for our revered guide on what to do and where. The radio show of the same name on MOHEAK RADIO will also feature this guide, which we’ll read at the beginning of each show. And look for more amazing guests on the show (every Thursday at 5:30 pm pacific).

Special thanks to all of our MOHEAK guests from last year:

Rodney Bingenheimer, Taryn Manning, Selene Luna, Lenora Claire, Mynx, The Sounds, Justin Tranter, Run Run Run, Street Drum Corps, Tranzkuntinental, The Human Flys, the girls of Jumbo’s Clown Room, The Runway Movement, She Wants Revenge, Oh No Not Stereo, Mickey Avalon, Josie Cotton, Elephant, Ginger Coyote, Michael Des Barres, The Woolly Bandits, Rich Schilling, Conquistador, Don Bolles, Dinah Cancer, Cassidy Haley, Nadya Ginsburg, Squeaky Blonde, Marky Makeup, Mike Odd, Rita D’Albert, Blaine Capatch, Christian Martucci, Bryan Rabin, Howie Pyro, Ann Magnuson, Das Bunker, Paul Koudinaris, Assemblage 23, Adam Shenkman, Tearist, Al Ridenour and Art of Bleeding, Kim Fowley, Boots Electric, Monte Pittman, and everyone who hung out and tuned in! Special thanks to Kirsti Anna Urpa for her help with the show and TK, Moheak’s main man.

And thanks to LA Slush contributors, whom you’ll hopefully be seeing much more of in 2012:

Lisa Somerset, Xany Rudoff, Miss Barbie Q, Ernie Omega, Bobby Webster, Cassie Carpenter, Charlie Paulson, Heidi Richman, Adam Shenkman and Lenora Claire.

Oh and in case you’re wondering we’ll still be covering tons of stuff for LA WEEKLY and we’ll be linking to it here as always! Speaking of which, see below for our bevy of Year-End blowout coverage in words and photos. HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS & THANK YOU!!!!!

- ♥♥♥ LL






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