Featured Moheak Radio Music — 07 December 2011
Video Update: Tearist on ⚡LinA In LA⚡ Moheak Radio

We were fully prepared to see vociferous local duo Tearist blow out some speakers and maybe more when they were scheduled to rock our Moheak radio show a couple weeks ago. Instead, it was the vicious Santa Anas that turned LA into a black void –causing a power outtage in Silver Lake and Los Feliz where the studios are–  and  forcing us to cancel the show.  Luckily, we got ‘em to reschedule for this past Thursday!

By the way, we’ve been pronouncing them Tier-ist (as in layers or the stuff that comes out of your eyes), but apparenty it’s pronounced Tair-ist (to sound like terrorist). Either way, the name makes sense. Watching Yasmine Kittles and William Strangeland perform can evoke emotion, it’s extremely textured sonically and it can also be very assaultive.

Check out the video of the show below (band plays at the end):

Watch live video from l_in_a on Justin.tv

Read about our colleague Liz Ohanesian’s LA Weekly cover story on the duo here and Chris Martin’s piece about Kittles’ starring role  in All Amercian Orgy (this one’s on cable like every night) here. A couple things we’ve written about them below.

Tearist, MEN, The Younger Lovers – The Smell – October 8, 2011

Peaches, Tramps and Freaks 



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