Featured Night Life — 06 January 2012

It’s been a crazy day here at the LA Slush HQ and rumors have been swirling faster that we can follow. We’ll keep you updated on the Music Box situation (as of this posting, it looks like details are being ironed out for an ownership takeover; see latest update here) but right now we offer another major club scoop that’s 100% verified: El Cid’s clubbin’ days appear to be DONE.

We got this one straight from the horse’s mouth: owner Steve Edelson has sold the popular Silver Lake restaurant and music venue, he says, “after the LA Fire Department ruled that the venue could only have 125 people total both inside and on the outdoor patio.”

“That did not work for me,” Edelson told us exclusively. ” So I sold it to a real estate guy who’s wanted it for a while by the name of Scott Milano.”

Edelson says he does not know what Milano will do with the space.

At 125 capacity, the venue can definitely continue on as restaurant but anyone who’s been there on a club night knows it’s liveliest with about three times that many bodies. While Edelson brought in a clubby element to the historic space we appreciated the fact that he kept the space’s dinner shows too. Here’s hoping Malino does the same.

Though Edelson doesn’t know much about what’s to become of El Cid now, he did tell us that promoters who had scheduled events there should contact Los Globos about moving their events there.

As always, we’ll share what we learn with you first right here.


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