Featured Music — 10 January 2012
UPDATE: Coachella: Swella or Smella? Eh? Eh?

Update: Coachella has created a “Coachella Updates” Twitter Account. Click here to be in the know about line-up changes and more.

As expected, the Coachella line-up announcement yesterday was greeted with equal amounts of excitement and distain. No doubt it’s a strong bill — most notably, the reunions of Pulp and Refused — but we’re already hearing hateration about the three-day only ticket set-up and the validity of the headliner ranking on the flier, which features the biggest acts in bigger type and decreases, obstensibly, based on popularity.

Of course, before yesterday’s announcement, speculation and fake fliers had flooded the web for months. Many of these are resurfacing today and while some of them are spot-on, some are obviously sour (grape-flavored) hipster stereotypes. Let call it like it is:  pretty much everyone spewing negativity about the popular music festival WOULD GO if they had a free ticket. Coachella is only lame when you’re not going to it, or if you’re in a band, not playing it.

As a music critic, we’ve been lucky enough to go to every single fest except the very first and the very last. Last year, we had a choice and we passed based on the line-up and a pretty horrendous experience the year prior. We did however, cover the party scene that surrounded the event — and along with our LA Weekly comrades who actually sweated it out on the field — ended up winning an LA Press Club Award for our group coverage of the fest in the online feature category.

Honestly, not sure what we want to do this year yet. There are some acts we would LOVE to see (see our faves at the end of this post). We will say this: if the fake flier (from last year) we list first below was real, we’d be there and be willing to suffer through the desert heat, the dirt, the hotel scramble, and traffic all over again. And that’s sort of part of it: it’s about the experience, however harrowing, and the artists that you as a fan would do anything to see. We’ll be the first to admit that as one gets older, this changes. Sad but true. -LL



Acts we are stoked on from 2012′s Coachella line-up: Pulp, Mazzy Star, Refused, Jimmy Cliff & Tim Armstrong, The Horrors, Buzzcocks, Squeeze, Dr. Dre, and The Hives…

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  1. Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

  2. The only upsetting thing about this band is the fact that Coachella refuses to add them to the line up for 2008 because of their name.

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