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Ernie Omega’s Looks of the Knight- MEGA TRIFECTA EDITION!!!

One of the most eye-catching features on LA Slush  –fashion-forward designer Ernie Omega’s picks for hottest, most creative club looks in Los Angeles– is back!  As 2012 gets in full gear, we cant let a few of his audacious and androgynous faves from last year (like the dazzling disco diva look he made for Lady Kier in pic to the left) and the new year slip through the cracks.  And so, we present a special THREE- PART “LOOK OF THE KNIGHT ” for your viewing pleasure, the last one featuring get-ups from all of 2011.  Look for much more Omega-liciousness to come on the blog this year! -LL



Hello fellow LA Slush lovers. My last club knight coverage of 2011 is from –where else?– Mr. Black. It is never a disappointing experience at Luke Nero’s sexy dance club. The venue is always full of hot bodies and many put in the effort we appreciate fashion wise. Our pick for “Look of the Knight” goes to the ingenious GGeisha Marianne.

Gentlewoman fashionista GGeisha is the creator of the mobile, “Dripped” fashion trunk show that features underground up and coming fashion designers and made a huge splash at Pop Tart Gallery late last year. What hit her “boogie night disco vixen” look home was her sweet Coca Cola can clutch (Patricia Field nyc). It’s the REAL thing! Below, are some other beauties that brought it to Mr. Black’s final fete of the year.



 NYE was filled with the excitement that I feed on. It was as if the entire world was on fast forward. I wanted to be everywhere, however with parking and traffic I was only able to make it to two fabulous events. The first was a NYE ball held by the new weekly Sat night hot spot in WEHO “Rasputin.” Rasputin was full of liquor, music & celebratory 2012 jubilee. Party producers Andres Regal & Luke Nero managed to fill the venue with leggy model-esque female darlings as well as local “B-lebrities” & “KiKi-ing” party people.

Dancing with adorable co-hosts Ryan Burke & Oscar Ambrosio, I spotted Perez Hilton sporting a vintage Madonna tee & Jonny Makeup in an “ENJOY GOD” Jeremy Scott piece. GAG I couldn’t take it… Next stop I headed into the heart of Hollywood for Apocalips held by Red Devil Disco! Always a shit show, local beauties Rudeness & Kim Nelson where the hood ornaments on this limo of sin. The party was grimy fun, complete with inflatable jousting bounce and free champagne! There is always a sleazy vibe at The Boulet Brothers’ events, the kind where you may wake up with a stranger or a blister the next day… Raunchy with a capital Rrrrr!!!

The “Look of the Knight” goes to a true beauty at Rasputin. She was just bloated with glamour. I live! Miss Tallulah Crackhead (aka former club kid “Atomic Tony”)! My, oh my how you’ve changed lovely, J’Adore! Some more hotness below…



And finally, here are some highlights of 2011. Lost but never forgotten, these looks and moments to remember, featuring myself and knight life fashion fused with fun and fab figures such as Marilyn, Kier, Raja, and various other sparklers from around our scene.

Remember: In 2012 chivalry is not dead. Always live your night life like a knight. Through fashion anything is possible. To 2012 and the next!

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