UPDATED VIDEO: Drag Star Raja & James St. James on Moheak!

Awards season is here, and with it, an excess of ”experts” who think they know what looks fierce, flattering and all around foxy. Joan Rivers is hilarious, but her Home Shopping Network Yenta garb and gaudy granny jewels don’t exactly make her a style authority (we say this with love Joanie!). We agree with Kelly Osbourne’s take on most stuff  (and happen to know and respect her stylist) but sorry, girlfriends’s quips just aint as sharp as JRs, even with the accent.

To properly “police” the red carpet, an arresting and audacious panel is in order, as far as we’re concerned. That means personalities who’ve not only seen their share of fashion trends, but actually helped influence them and aren’t afraid to call out those who don’t cut the dijon. Last Thursday we presented just that: three of our favorite figures from the worlds of literature, film and TV came into the Moheak Studio to talk about fashion, nightlife and pop culture –namely the upcoming premiere of the new season of DragRace on LOGO next week!

We had Rupaul’s DragRace winner RAJA GEMINI, Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster author/Freakshow host JAMES ST. JAMES and World of Wonder It Boy/film maker THAIRIN SMOTHERS!!!

See the video below to watch one of our most entertaining shows EVER:

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More fun clips from the above below…

Check out Raja’s “Diamond Crowned Queen” video (directed by our pal Austin Young):

See World of Wonder’s “Daily Freakshow” channel here and watch this clip from Runway (our guests last month):

And just can’t resist this… a clip from the film Party Monster with Seth Green as JSJ giving a lesson on being fabulous. Classic:

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