Featured Music — 01 February 2012
Five Awesome ‘Soul Train Line’ Dance Videos- Don Cornelius (R.I.P.)

Don Cornelius was not only a genius, he was a ground-breaker (and a ground shaker)! Black, white, rich, poor, old, young– there’s no doubt his death is being felt by most of America today. Soul Train‘s ability to bridge the gap between races wasn’t just about exposing black music to white audiences (or white music to black ones when he had guests such as Elton John or Madonna on). It was about music period. And the pure joy of dance, revelry and human interaction. The “Soul Train line” was a HUGE part of this. There’s a reason it’s become an obligatory hap at weddings and parties (not so much clubs, but we’re hoping someone will change that soon!). The runway set-up gives everyone the spotlight, and most take it and work it like Rosie Perez (see below). Fierce moves, funny faces, fab fashion, often all at the same time, the “line” is always a sight to behold, and never more so than during the show’s late 70′s-early 80′s heyday.

Check out these five fantastic Soul Train line clips from YouTube. There are many to choose from of course, but we are loving the style, the shakin’ and the music in these. Thank you D.C. & make sure you get the angels to do these up in heaven!!!

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