Featured Night Life — 08 February 2012
Roughing It at The Eagle: Cub Scout Turns 2

It’s no secret that we love us some gay grinds. Truth be told, we can’t make every boy bash in town, and we really don’t even want to. We gotta mix it up (we are the “slush” after all.) Also, straight boys are a good thing when you’re a straight gal we’ve realized… but that’s another story entirely.)
Still, we were sorry to miss a major man-lovin’ nightlife milestone last Friday: Cub Scout’s two year anniversary. Lucky for us, our brand new assistant was ready to earn his first merit badge. You’ll be reading a lot more from Kyle Warner (on right with Lady Bear in pic) too — everything from fashion reports to pop culture stuff. As a newbie to LA he brings a fresh perspective to nightlife coverage that is sure to score him brownie points on the blog. See for yourself! -LL

 By Kyle Warner

Having secured my position as an otter within the gay culture, I am a patron of any and all things to do with the critter community.  Being as it is, a newbie to Los Angeles via Colorado, I was on the hunt for such things.  Not two weeks in the city and voilà, what should land in my lap but Cub Scout.

Creator/DJ duo Chris Bowen and Victor Rodriguez and den mother/host Lady Bear welcomed their baby into its terrible two’s as Cub Scout at The Eagle celebrated its second anniversary this past Friday night.

Cub Scout, held the first Friday of every month, has become one of The Eagle’s most successful parties, routinely filling the venue true to its bear den identity.

Guest host Michael Luczak, known affectionately as Bearilyn Monroe, described it best as a party for the furry and friendly.  And vast the pull for guests it turned out to be.  Besides the expected flannel-clad burly men that typically occupy the bar, there were sprinkles of Silver Lake hipsters, Venice scenester kids, and LA glamazons.

As the crowd boozed and schmoozed, DJ’s Sleazy McQueen and Cole Medina kept turning out tunes to excite enough fur-on-fur friction to light the LA skyline!

Our favorite feature of the night by far was the decor.  The DJ booth had a moonlit-lake backdrop and scattered foliage, a cheeky wink to those sexy 70’s summer camp counselors and a welcome artistic deviation from the usual 70’s porn The Eagle is known for featuring in its main bar.  Let’s face it- those short shorts and tube socks could arouse any bear from hibernation.

While the kitschy DJ booth made us forget about the looping porn that envelops the bar with a level of… ahem… excitement, LA street art favorite Homo Riot’s art instillation reminded us that no amount of smoke and mirrors could distract from the fact that The Eagle is LA’s premier leather bar.  Sex abounds!  The work complimented the space and night perfectly and its provocative and graphic nature contrasted the warm fuzzies from the DJ booth.

While I may have been a little overzealous with my wardrobe, wearing my own short shorts and a thrifted Boy Scout uniform (suffice to say, Lady Bear and I were the only two in costume), there was an air of enjoyment and ease within the crowd.

I am counting down the days until the next installment of Cub Scout, where I now know how to appropriately dress. Perhaps my embarrassment was initiation into the LA bear scene.

Will Kyle feed the bears — or get bitten by them– next time? Check back in March to find out.  :) -LL

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  1. Cute. I can’t wait read more of Kyle in LA. Good luck little otter!

  2. Cute. I can’t wait read more of Kyle in LA. Good luck little otter!

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