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Die With Your Face On- Under Cover Girls

The latest installment from our beauty obsessive in residence, Lisa Somerset, couldn’t come at a better time! It’s Grammy weekend people and for nightlife/music mavens like moi, that means non-stop party-hopping (and picture taking) followed by next morning reporting and then, starting it all over again. Who has time for disco naps? We’re gonna have to rely on some serious cover up –especially around the eyes– to hide this weekend’s wear and tear, and our girl Lisa’s got the best of the best concealers right here. Also, check the end of this piece for a little bonus video we added featuring recent LA Slush interviewee Zombie Boy showing what one of the market’s most hardcore concealer products can do. -LL

By Lisa Somerset

Everyone needs a concealer that works for them, especially after the exhausting holiday season and the constantly fluctuating L.A. temps. Although we don’t have proper winter here on the west coast, skin still tends to dry up and act a fool during these months. Whether it’s age spots (gasp!), sun damage, or too many late nights, we all need a little help to fake the perfect face.

You’re going to need a little combo cocktail of shades for different parts of your face. Most people are a slightly different undertone on the skin around the eyes than on the rest of the face, so you’ll need more than one concealer to work with.

You’ll want one beige/gold shade for the face and will need something peachy toned for under eye circles and for any sunspots/hyperpigmentation. If you use something that’s too yellow toned around the eyes or over a dark spot/freckle, you’ll risk it looking a corpse-tastic ashy grey.

Apply your foundation first and then stipple (pat, pat, and blend edges) on concealer over any spots. Use a small, flat synthetic brush. Find a bright light where you can see yourself in different angles and make sure that the concealer melts in to the foundation colour.

When applying concealer to the eye area, pat on a very thin layer of eye cream and let it sink in for a few minutes. When applying the concealer, be sure to apply some at the sides of the bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eye. Don’t forget the very outer corner of the eye. The end result shouldn’t be too light/white. Unless you’re super experienced in highlight/contour stick to a shade or two lighter than the rest of your face.The goal here is young, bright-eyed and awake looking not ridiculous reverse panda eyes.



Here are my top picks for a faultless complexion.

Cover FX Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer – Heavy duty, long lasting coverage. Not too dry, great for the face or for someone that needs lots of help for undereye darkness.

Amazing Concealer - Another really full coverage product, love how concentrated this is. A tiny dab goes a looong way. Super creamy, slippery mayonnaise texture.

Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer – Medium coverage, oil free and drama free. This not only covers, but gives you a little light reflection which blurs fine lines.

Armani master corrector #2 Orange – This can be added into other Armani concealers or any liquid concealer to cut dark circles and lids. Magic on an olive or medium skin, lifesaver for medium skin with hyperpigmentation. The texture is super thin, liquidy and sheer.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat- If you really don’t need much coverage around the eyes, first off I hate you. Secondly, you NEED this product. There’s a reason makeup artists, beauty editors and moms alike rave about this.  Not a concealer in the traditional sense, this gives a super sheer bit of coverage and lots of illumination. For those that only have a minute to touch up and go, this can be swiped under eyes, along the dreaded marionette lines and at the top of the cheekbones.

Finish off your maquillage with a little bit of powder. Be sure not to rub or brush too heavily over where you’ve applied your concealer, only love taps with your powder brush.You should now look brighter, more awake, less hormonal and spotty. Follow these tips and all of your (skin) sins will be washed away. -LS

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Bags, zits and spots are one thing, but when you need to cover major imperfections, scars or hide that demonic ink before visiting grandma, it’s time to call in the big guns. Based on the clip below, Dermablend looks like it’ll do the job, eh? -LL

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