Featured Moheak Radio Night Life — 02 February 2012
UPDATED VIDEO: Jonny Makeup & The Cobrasnake on ⚡LinA In LA⚡ Moheak

In keeping with our tradition of spotlighting Los Angeles’ most audacious and influential characters, this week’s Moheak show featured a couple of real humdingers: shutterbug extraodinaire Mark the Cobrasnake and party boy, music maker and muse Jonny Makeup.

Mark’s internationally known website featuring young, hip and restless youth on the nightlife scene has helped him gain gigs left and right (yeah, we’re jealous!) and we talked about a lot of them on the show. Makeup, came out of the New York club scene as part of the MisShapes crew and since moving to LA has garnered attention for his blog work (on Mark’s site) and his haute hi-jinks as part of designer Jeremy Scott’s posse. He’s always wearing some exclusive Scott creations when we see him out (like the sick boots he wore at Rasputin this past Saturday; in the second pic below!).

We toot our own horn a bit on the show and say that we kinda discovered Cobrasnake (he agrees too!)… Back in 2004, when he started shooting as “Polaroidscene” we were not only the first to give him mainstream press but we intro’d him to some eds at the LA Weekly which led to side by side columns — his was called “Snakebites” and ours was called “Nightranger” — in the print edition of the paper (the good ol’ days!). This lasted for a few years. But when Mark got too busy, we decided to buy our own camera and the rest is history. Mark’s shots are still featured regularly on LAWeekly.com, and of course, so are ours.

Of course, the Cobrasnake didn’t need the LA Weekly to become a phenom. His idea to chronicle gorgeous young wild things doing decadent, well, wild things was a hit thanks to his great eye, unassuming friendly nature and most importantly, timing: thanks to the web and most notably social media (Friendster and MySpace at the time), narcisstic web-surfers wanted more, more, more– of themselves, and The Cobrasnake gave it to them.

What will the future hold for the web as it pertains to seeing scenes and being seen? We asked the man and got the scoop on this pal Makeup’s much-buzzed about book and music career too.

Also hear about the pair’s big party and pop-up shop with BESS LA TODAY (if you’re reading this on Saturday, Feb. 4) in Hollywood. Click the first thumbnail below for info. If you went to any of his events at the Cobrashop at Hollywood & Highland, you know this will be a wild and wondrous affair filled with creative fashion and freaky good times.


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NOTE: We tried to find the original writeup we did on the Cobrasnake back in 2004 (via a report about that year’s Coachella) but no luck on the Weekly archives! We do have the print version and when we get to scanning our past columns, we will add it here. -LL

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