Moheak Radio — 22 February 2012
The Lords of Altamont on ⚡LinA In LA⚡ Moheak

A combustible combo of grinding garage rock, biker boy retro-mojo and bluesy punk flair, The Lords of Altamont are like a flame that just wont be extinguished, no matter what the trends of the moment in music. We have been a fan for years, and though line-up changes and a touring schedule that’s taken them out of the U.S. for extended periods has meant they’ve been less than prominent on L.A. stages, it’s always a tempestuous treat when they do play their hometown.

In advance of the band’s show this Saturday at Rev It Up, they’ll be joining us in the Moheak Studios to talk about their music, international tours, pyro-infused beginnings and more. The show will also be a sort of tribute to recently departed MC5 bassist Michael Davis, who happened to be a Lords member and collaborator in recent years. Expect us to play plenty of MC5 and bands like them.

L.O.A will be playing Spikes #2 (the sister bar to Spikes #1, which we’ve written about a lot over the years) along with mega-electric faves Deadbolt for our pal Brando Von Badsville’s Rev It Up this Saturday, and it’s worth the trip off-the-beaten paths of Hollywood and Silver Lake into Bellflower to catch them. Trust us. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

TUNE IN THURSDAY, FEB. 23, 5:30 pm (PACIFIC TIME)—>CLICK HERE (then click “Listen Live”)


Live Fast (Die Young) – The Lords Of Altamont from Kevin Kutchaver on Vimeo.

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