Featured Wear It, Work It — 15 February 2012
ODD’s New York Fashion Week Report #2

Our second New York Fashion Week report from ODD’s Judson Harmon and Bobby Webster sees the duo covering two exciting runway shows and popping into the showroom of one of our personal pals, rock n’ roll bling king Michael Schmidt. Schmidty, as his friends call him, just had his work showcased on the most watched spectacle in TV history: Madonna’s half-time performance during Super Bowl! He lives in L.A. but he will forever be associated with the Big Apple thanks to his legendary nightclub, Squeezebox, which recently saw some controversy after a recent ill-fated benefit show for the departed owner of the space where it was held, Don Hill. The drama was chronicled by our NYC counterpart Michael Musto (we both write about nightlife and pop culture for Village Voice Media publications) and we think Schmidty handled the whole debacle with class, as always. The same can be said for his fabulous creations. No matter how over the top, blindingly bedazzled or severely studded they may be, they are always sexy and luxe, glam yet sophisticated, classy and sassy. See for yourself below. -LL

By Judson Harmon and Bobby Webster

After attending many of the shows and meeting a never-ending plethora of new faces, we were yearning to see a familiar face, someone we did not need a business card for a reference. While we do love meeting all the fresh, pretty faces, we were yearning for a little camaraderie with an old friend. So we piled our belongings into a taxi and headed to the Ace Hotel’s basement bachelor pad to see old friend and legendary Squeezbox promoter Michael Schmidt and his latest jewelry collection.

If you are not familiar with Michael Schmidt, here is a little history lesson for you. Over the years he was worked with every major artist in music: Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Debbie Harry, Steven Tyler, Rihanna, Tina Turner, you name it. He dresses the world’s finest divas. So needless to say, while trying his pieces on ourselves we felt the diva energy entering our systems. If we could “Turn Back Time” to last Saturday we would have signed over a kidney to take some pieces with us. Schmidt’s jewelry and clothing are just as iconic as the divas who wear them. If you all remember Debbie Harry’s dress made of over 3,500 razor blades, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Swarovski, Michael has created a collection so “blinged-out” you feel the need to be accompanied by a bodyguard… or four. Additionally, the collection has a decidedly rock vibe, with sharp spikes, goat hair cuffs, and embellished crystal neck pieces that can make anyone feel like a rock star. Chain-mail hoods were a favorite as well and donning them is a simple way to conjure one’s inner Grace Jones.

Michael’s collection has a wide range of price points. Earrings run in low hundreds while more advanced neck accoutrements in the thousands. No matter the pricetag, each piece seems guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks, if not more.

To keep with the rockin’ theme of our day, we headed over to Robert Geller‘s show at the Pier 59 Studios in Chelsea. Inspired by the early 80′s post-punk band “The Sound,” his all- men’s collection was a dapper take on grunge; edgy but elegant, and completely English. There was a dazzling mix of knits and leather, and clever layering. His use of bright orange and yellow mixed in with earth tones made this collection very “in-your-face,” which correlated with his inspiration flawlessly. Not only was he presenting a collection, but also an attitude. With a dirt catwalk, grungy models, and an incredible punk-heavy soundtrack it was like a time-capsule back to the 80′s, but with a futuristic view of today.

It should also be noted that Mr. Geller’s collection presented a fresh silhouette. T-shirts jutted out from the traditional neckline and covered the entire head, topped with a bowler or a traditional porkpie. He continued with the lean, long t-shirts, which highlighted the already lanky torsos marching down the catwalk. To top it off, a polka-dotted print was thrown in for a curious touch. It felt extremely modern, even with the Anglophilic retro influences.

Changing the mood yet again we headed to Lincoln Center to view Mathieu Mirano‘s FW 12/13 presentation. Walking in the room, the view included models displayed on pedestals in gowns exquisitely beaded, many paired with slim-fitting leather jackets adding a touch of street to a room full of elegance. The palette consisted of light and dark grays, blacks, burgundies, navies, and silvers, all in very bright and rich tones that contrast great with the leather detailing. All of the models looked like they had just waltzed in after a ballet gala, which is fitting, since the New York City Ballet is housed at Lincoln Center. Overall it was a collection that many women will love to wear and we look forward to seeing more.

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