Featured Wear It, Work It — 23 February 2012
ODD’s New York Fashion Week Report #3

Our ODD friends have busy bees buzzing around New York City the past few weeks, and the stylish gallavanting came to a close with their own tre chic soiree! Looks for a haute report from that (when they recover!), but in the meantime check out what the bi-coastal boys have been seeing, shooting and coveting as NY fashion Week, and the events and parties that trailed it, wound down… -LL


By Bobby Webster and Judson Harmon

Continuing our fashion week exploits, we headed to Lincoln Center for Norisol Ferrari’s presentation. Pulling from her inspiration –strength of women– her whole fantasy-forward collection looked like something you would find in Princess Amidala’s closet in a galaxy far, far away. With dazzling fur detailing and incredible textures like silk organza and crocodile skin, it would be impossible not to feel like you could rule a planet or even a few in any of her pieces. Among the other-wordly mannequins were sunglass designers Coco&Breezy, modeling Norisol’s edgiest pieces, covered head to toe in goat-hair and leather. To add to the already powerful collection, Norisol worked with Zana Bayne, an amazing designer of ornate leather harnesses to accent the look.

Overall, it was an extremely feminine collection full of red-carpet ready pieces and exquisite details. The presentation was much heralded, and we foresee many of her looks will be showcased at awards galas and esteemed events.

After the presentation by Ms. Ferrari, we had time to kill, and thankfully so. Evidently the Rad by Rad Hourani show had been moved and we had to have been the last to find this out. So we dashed to a cab from where we THOUGHT the show was supposed to be, and jetted to the west side where the show had been relocated. Thankfully all the hipsters huddled in the rain were there to guide us.

As for the show, it was epic to say the least. Men and Women marched to a dark, somber soundtrack, with emphasis placed on a militaristic aesthetic. The palette consisted of muted green, grays, and blacks. Most vests, jackets, and tops were belted, giving the clothing a very school-uniform silhouette. The cuts of the clothing were slim, edgy, and very future-forward. Most looks were shown with a clean leather combat boot and accessorized with a square backpack, bag, or harness.

This was one of our favorite shows of the week, as we are keen on unisex clothing. Any of the pieces could easily be worn by a man or a woman, and any of the looks would easily fit into our wardrobe now, and probably ten years from now as well. My how we wished to march in that Army!

The following morning we headed back to the tents at Lincoln Square to attend the presentation of Rochambeau, one of the clients ODD previously carried. The entire collection was in our favorite color palette, blacks, grays, and dark reds, and had a lot of Native American influences. We instantly fell in love with these moccasin-like boots that the designers told us they had “made the night before.” Other accessories included fringed backpacks, with the fringe so long it brushed the floor.

As far as the clothing, the cuts and tailoring were impeccable. A continuation on themes presented last season, there was a very cultish feeling, with round orthodox-looking hats and small leather pouches, for which one could carry their money or a card or two. Our favorite thing about Rochambeau was the layering. Each piece works so well together to layer for the colder weather while still staying true to the human silhouette. Baggy pants paired with a combat boot seems to be a popular trend that isn’t leaving us anytime soon. It felt modern despite the retro and woodland influences. Overall, this is a collection that any young gentleman would love to wear, including ourselves. We can only hope Rochambeau continues on the path they are heading, and this show was the perfect punctuation on a cutting edge fashion week.

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