Featured Night Life — 27 February 2012
Social Slush:  Behind The Velvet Ropes At Awards Season Soirees

Los Angeles is, of course, the undisputed capital of awards shows. From The Grammys to People Choice to the biggest star-hub-bub of all, The Academy Awards, these celebrations of achievement in music, film and other entertainment bring so much to our city.  Some of it can be annoying  –traffic, the self-congratulatory excess of it all- but for the most part, these gatherings are good for not only our local economy and tourism, but also for our nightlife.

Even for a professional party-goer, February is exemplary when it comes to the glamour glut, hop-knobbing, schmoozing and schwag. As we joked often this past month, a “disco coma” (forget about naps) was required simply to recover from the Grammy-slam alone.  As the month comes to a close (on a leap year no less) we offer here, our survey of the best soirees we attended this month, with links to our photo coverage and some never before seen pics here too!

We couldn’t have started off the boot camp-like bash schedule better than at the after party for the film Re-Generation, featuring a DJ set by Mark Ronson who also stars in the film (along with Grammy Winner Skrillex and performer Deadmau5). The fete took place at an old Hollywood party house turned Chinese restaurant (Jane’s) turned swanky new hot spot called Juniper (not yet open). Owners Mark and Jonnie Houston (La Descarga, Harvard & Stone) seem to be taking over L.A. nightlife lately and so far, we are digging their vision. Can’t wait to see what they do with the old Forty Deuce space aka the old Smalls K.O.  (which Mark told us they will reference with their new bar there!). The dapper Ronson was one of our favorite DJs long before he got into producing the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. His hip-hop heavy set had every head on the patio pumping til the bitter end.

A couple nights later we hit The Roosevelt Hotel for the launch of Embassy, a new LA-based DJ collective featuring a few friends from the club scene (Ana Calderon, Chris Holmes) and some famous names (Elijah Wood) too. The well-connected, highly-creative new crew, and events firm UG,  invited all their talented friends to join in the festivities including members of OK GO, Maroon 5 and Daft Punk. This was probably the hippest hap of the Grammy party lot, hence it saw the snootiest/”coolest” cluster at the door when the party hit capacity. Of course, we got there just as it did and after making our way through the faux-fur and floppy hat femmes and fellows to get our press pass, the not-nice door diva abruptly denied us. We’ll admit it, when we encounter this situation – and we do fairly often–  we are used to getting in anyway. But capacity is capacity so every once in a while, we don’t.

Being told no is one thing, but seeing the door person in question let their friends in immediately after saying so, is quite another… which is exactly what happened here. When this occurred, we started thinking about this post from last month (and probably always will from now on). Yes, we wrote the definitive guide to getting past any door in LA, so we kinda can’t ever take no for an answer anymore, can we? And we didn’t. Thanks to a determined PR pal (EFG rules!) and a little trick we mentioned in the piece, we did indeed get in, and were able to take some awesome pics of the party for LA Weekly.

We got invited to a couple things at Playboy Mansion this month, but when we RSVP’d to one of them, we were told we were not approved by Playboy due to concerns about bad press. This, after we’ve covered countless parties there and always tried to remain objective in our coverage and selective about reporting what we’ve seen there. (And believe us, we’ve seen some depraved shit!). Whatevs, soon after, we got an invite to another party there (P Diddys!) — as a guest, not press–  by  Lisa D’Amato (the winner of America’s Next Top Model All-Stars) who was walking in a fashion presentation.  With so much going on at the time (we had to review Deadmau5 and Rihanna at House of Blues same night) we ended up getting there late. So late in fact, that we hopped the shuttle to the mansion and walked right into the party sans anyone checking our name, giving us a wristband or anything. We don’t recommend you try this though (well, unless you’re girl wearing something sexy — we donned leopard). We have seen security scrutinize wristbands for other parties at Hef’s, but come to think of it, only on dudes…  The DJs (all female) did a good job and the signature Ciroc drinks were yummy. Oh, and Paris Hilton (who arrived when we did) was there, her eyes aglow in those too-bright blue contacts of hers.

A post-Grammy week and pre-Oscar week  gathering, the opening event for Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse (an online destination for jewelry designs including Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 and Erin Wasson’s Low Luv and Kim Kardashian’s Belle Noel) had another Hilton, Perez as host. And there was more Ciroc too! The bling was as bodacious as the crowd at this one, including blonde babes Kristin Cavalieri and Jenny McCarthy, plus some of our favorite local designers: Onch Movement (yes, the fab little fembot from Paris’ BFF Show) and old pals Brandon Schoolhouse (Han Cholo) and Brooke Dulien (White Trash Charms). The latter two were filming for a new reality show about their lives as designers. With these two as stars, it’s sure to be a (real) gem!

We opted to admire jewels from the comfort of  home on Oscar night, and truth be told, we didn’t even watch any of the red carpet coverage this year. (Who needs to when you can ogle the best and the worst-worn on every single site in the blogosphere all this week?) Still, we got some pre-Academy Awards partying in earlier in the week at Greystone Manor formerly Industry, formerly Area, formerly Prey, formerly (for you old schoolers) The Gate on La Cienaga. Gotta give it up, SBE’s latest incarnation of this club space is totally beauteous, and OK Magazine’s Party was like the TV show The Surreal Life come to life. DJ Pauly D was spinning as we entered and after grabbing a cocktail (Ciroc, but again) we found a spot to lean back and observe the moused Jersey Shore star’s skills on the decks. The guy commands big bucks for DJ gigs and has been scrutinized for not having the mixmaster abilities to back it up. We decided to be the judge…

Our critique? He’s fine. Many of his beat-matched segue-ways are standard Vegas mega-club crowd-pleasers at this point, stuff we’d categorize in the DJ AM school of pop, hip-hop and electro mashing. In fact, one of our favorite AM sets ever, downloaded off his website before he died (our “gym mix” as its labeled in the iPod) has the exact same cuts as PD spun that night, a highlight being Fat Man Scoop’s “Put Your Hands Up” into Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” D also spun a lot of Dr. Dre and his cohorts, which you just cant go wrong with, especially in Cali. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sure seemed to dig it, though they looked a little ridic body-rocking to rap music. Even more so, fist-pumping to the Mr. D’s name chant mix. For real

Entourage’s Adrian Grenier was honored (made a great speech, we think… the Ciroc drinks were strong) and the singing performance by The Glee Project that followed was entertaining (again, the Ciroc may have impaired judgement). In all, it was a really festive party that fulfilled our need for Oscar fete-ing, and then some. Of course, as we write this, our email box is filling with LA Fashion week invites. Looks like the disco coma will have to wait…


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(Top Row) At Re: Generation- Mark Ronson, The LA Slush posse, Juniper’s patio, bedazzled cast —  all by LL. 

(Second Row) 1st shot Rocking the Roosevelt, last 3 Playing around at Playboy Mansion —  all by LL.

(Third Row) At Glam House- Onch Movement, Aubrey O’ Day, Perez Hilton, Matthew Lush — O’Day & Hilton shots by Brian Lindensmith, Onch & Lush by LL.

(Bottom Row) At OK! at Greystone Manor- Paulie D, Entourage-rs, Housewives — all by Getty Images.

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