Featured Wear It, Work It — 24 February 2012
WORN OUT: White Light, White Haute Suits

If you follow our nightlife coverage, you know we are huge fans of theme events, the more creative the better. And thematic nightlife environs always call for theme dressing which gives fashionista types like us (and our pals) the opportunity to essentially “style” ourselves, pretty much on a weekly basis. As we shape the direction of LA Slush, we want fashion to be big part of it, as it is here in Los Angeles. But beyond runway reports and flamboyant clubwear, we hope to showcase the creativity that exists here, and how it inspires us to express ourselves with what we wear.

There are plenty of blogs out there with cute girls showing off pics of what they are wearing on a daily basis –from Gothic lolitas to label whores — and we love to look at them, droll over them and even copy their looks sometimes. But with Worn Out, the goal is to not only show you what we wore and where you can get it (or not, we wear a lot of vintage!), but the inspirations behind each ensemble. This post about the iconic white 70′s suit is a glowing example….

The concept of a “White Party” might conjure some lavish bash in the Hamptons, but when Studio 69 threw one last Saturday night, we knew it was going to be anything hoity toity. This was as a “Love & Lust” White party promising black-lit debauchery and dancing to raucous dubstep music. But the invite showed a torso in panties and white garters… not our style. In fact, we didn’t own ANYTHING white it seemed (other than our old wedding dress). After an archeologist’s like dig into the depths of our closet we pulled out a white corduroy suit we bought about 10 years ago in downtown LA of all places. If not for the stretchiness of the cord material, this two piece could easily pass for vintage 70s. Flared, low rise pants, fitted jacket with big white buttons. It still fit perfectly.

We posted a pic of the wrinkled two piece on our Facebook timeline and were happily surprised to see so many gals (and guys) not only “liked” it but knew the exact fashion reference we were going for. Essentially Bianca Jagger on her wedding day (last pic, third row).  Commenters all suggested we wear the jacket sans anything underneath ala BJ. Nice, but the club would be hot so we’d surely want to take the jacket off. And we didn’t have a floppy white hat (click the third thumbnail in row three to see who, shockingly, did rock this look head to toe, channeling retro Cher in the process).

We settled on leopard print Vanity Fair bodysuit that is actually an undergarment. It glowed great under the lights, the black and grey parts contrasting with the white background. Completing the look, grey nail polish, rhinestone jewelry, glitter makeup, silver Steve Madden platforms and a white ostrich feather boa. We felt like a New York Doll (see first pic, third row). And though the club was filled with half naked Barbie Dolls, we felt sexy too. Some guys there donned suits too, channeling John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever (including host Perish Dignam who added a red shirt for the post-V Day event)… Looks like referencing Studio 54 at Studio 69 wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

See our LA Weekly slideshow from Studio 69′s “Love & Lust” White party HERE.

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