Wear It, Work It — 12 February 2012
ODD’s New York Fashion Week Report #1

Fashion week is in full swing in New York City, and lucky for us, we’ve got some bi-coastal contributors who are not only extremely fashionable, but well connected too. Check back daily for reports from ODD style’s Bobby Webster and Judson Harmon. From hot pieces right off the runway to the freshest designers’ showrooms to the street looks seen at the raging-est after-show parties, they’ll bring it to you right here, all with their unique, ODD-ly stylish eye(s). -LL

Twice a year, the “beautiful people” convene in Manhattan for a little revelry and the usual shenanigans. Early morning shows seamlessly flow into late night-vodka fueled after-parties, and getting to each appointment, on time, and with a look that will knock everyone’s socks off is usually a extraordinary effort, although you try to look as if it was done effortlessly.

Having gone out the night before to Sophia Lamar’s Fashion Week party at Zig Zag with Odd photographer David Phelps and ODD muse Rick Genest, aka Rico the Zombie, Friday seemed like it would be a bit tough. However, who knew that there would be such extraordinary fashion to inspire us and get our energies flowing yet once again.

Our first appointment was with Heather Lawton, with a private showing of her Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection. If I had to somehow choose one word to describe her aesthetic for this season, I believe I would have to pick “Opulent.” Furs, shearlings, crocodiles, leathers, were dramatically produced and cut with an eye for the small, intimate details. A hidden pocket here, an extra cuff there, her details were so numerous that one look could easily turn into several. The colour scheme was primarily black, grays, ivories, but occasionally there was a green thrown in for good measure.

Heather also had an intereting take on lace, with melted plastic updating the traditional Victorian fabric. These and her caftan dresses were generally my favorites, as they seemed new and I could easily vision them on the shelves and racks at ODD. These gorgeous garmets in a sea of recycled ideas were breathtaking, quite refreshing….

Also included were Gloves and hats, and these were definitely statement pieces. There waw a decidedly sixties vibe with these, and I could have easily seen them on Faye Dunaway or Audrey Hepburn.

After seeing this collection, with it being quite feminine, I was ready for a shot of testosterone. We made our way to the West Village, after an afternoon cocktail, of course to see the Asher Levine presentation. Little did we know, we had just walked into the Thunderdome. The pieces were very utilitarian, with every piece looking like it was found object and would serve some purpose in the future, i.e “Mad Max.”. Flight suits with light up shoulders, via battery packs, were extraordinary. Rubber shells covered boots in a cocoon like environment. Melted plastic “fingers” jutted out of each cuff. The textures were so rich, you just wanted to touch everything, and that wasn’t much of a chore considering the lovely boys Asher seems to pick. Himself, quite handsome as well, designed a collection that every comic-book nerd would dream to wear. In the year 2112, that is.

To top it all off, three machines were there laser-cutting sunglasses, and it was fitting in this post-apocalyptic world we had entered. Overall, I found Mr. Levines show to be a lot of fun, and could easily see myself wearing several of his pieces in the future. The only question, how FAR into the future?

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