Moheak Radio — 14 March 2012
Texas Schmexas: If You’re in Town You Need To Be at “LA x LA” This Week

We ♥ our Moheak family! And while most of ‘em are in Texas for South By Southwest, those who remain in town will be making appearances at the Satellite for a rockin’ alternative event: LAxLA! We’ll be there too at some point (check our Twitter for updates)! Truth be told, we are ecstatic not to be at SXSW this year, and feel ever more so everytime we read a tweet from the commercialized hub of chaos. We can deal with the hipster hordes and endless stampedes to get into the rock show du jour in Los Angeles, but in another state, not so much.

Our last “South By” memory is one of complete exhaustion and nausea: we were preggo, and could not partake in all the free booze. The free BBQ bestowed upon us didn’t stay down long either, if you know what we mean. It took about year not to dry heave at the site and smell of ribs and beef in general thanks to the fest! Speaking of which, according to Twitter and Facebook, it’s “Steak and BJ Day!?” Head over to the Satellite after your Sizzler dinner (or the massage parlour) for a real happy ending to the night! Click here for more info.


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