Featured Pop Cultcha — 15 March 2012
Xany on the Go! SIX01 FUN!

By Xany Rudoff

Well my dear readers, it has been QUITE awhile since we last left off in Vegas on our rock and roll adventures, and fear not: I was not abducted by aliens or blackjack dealers! I survived Vegas and all the many adventures in between (usually covered in a significant amount of paint and gold leaf – artists at work!). Let’s just say I’ve been one busy kitty cat! I’m back beeyatches so sit yo’ ass down and let little miss Xany tell you all about her latest adventures at the Six01 Space in downtown LA! As many of you know, (and I am just starting to figure out…Hello, Earth to Xany?!) Downtown Los Angeles is just popping with art everywhere, and the Arts District is literally a visual orgasm of street art, chic boutiques, and delicious new restaurants as creative as they are tasty! I mean, wasn’t it just a few years ago (OK ten years- I date myself) that downtown was always a roll of the proverbial dice (with your life that is), and all the cracked out junkies and streetwalkers, while entertaining, were, well, NOT family friendly so to speak.

So yes, I’m late to the game on this one, but it wasn’t long before your fearless adventurer made a discovery (thanks to a more street art savvy friend – big shout out to Miss Heidi Wahl!) called the “SIX01 Space” right in the heart of the Downtown Arts District and has more of a feel of NYC than NYC does these days!

Now, this isn’t your run of the mill art gallery, nor can it be categorized as a gallery per say- rather, it a free form space that was founded by a group of seven very talented members (that also, coincidentally, are all celebrities in their own right) that wanted to create, “ a raw flexible artist facility open to it’s members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week housing a high end consortium of like-minded artists who pool resources, ideas and talents to create …anything”

Managed by actor Anthony Ruivivar, it is a testament to the passion and commitment of all of its members (Maura Tierney, Yvonne Jung, Sean Wing, Louise-Fancey-Mirren and Jane McKidd) that have donated a significant amount out of their time, creativity, money, and most of all, PASSION that makes this space unique and thriving with the buzz that indeed, anything CAN happen here. And it does!

When they launched the space in December, it was packed to the brim with an array of celebrities (Viola Davis, Randy Jackson, and Taylor Hackford just to name a few!), entertainment professionals, artists, musicians, actors, fashionistas-you name it- all were there to experience the magic of the Six01 Space and the possibilities that awaited.

From one day to the next the space is brimming with activity- there could be a series of one act plays being presented one weekend, to a commercial shoot the next, an art exhibition, or an intimate presentation of an up and coming musician- you just never know what to expect but you can be guaranteed it WILL be great! Like Los Angeles, it is as multi-faceted asits members and we at LA Slush LOVE that! (Yes we do! -LL)

The moral of this adventure my dear readers is this: there is a lot of heart and soul to this city, you just gotta dig a little deeper and work a little harder to find these hidden treasures, but when you do, wow what a discovery!

For more information and info on the events here, visit the SIX01 website HERE!

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