Featured Moheak Radio Night Life — 26 April 2012
UPDATED INTERVIEW: Angie Bowie on ⚡LinA In LA⚡ on Moheak TODAY!

We shared our Moheak show with true rock royalty last Thursday, as we welcomed Angie Bowie, ex-wife of Glam Rock God David Bowie. The iconic author, singer, and actress called into the Moheak studio before the signing at Bar Marmont in Hollywood for her latest book, Lipstick Legends. The tome draws from her memories and experiences being in the thick of the 70s music scene and explored the mystique of “boys in makeup,” the rock n’ roll rebels who dared to explore drag, glitz and flamboyant, even femme styles and make them their own.

Angie hit up the revival of Diamond Dogs at Bardot after her signing so we decided to have our friend and the club’s host Bryan Rabin call in too. Check out the podcast below!

Follow Angie on Twitter @Angiebowie2020

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