Featured Moheak Radio Pop Cultcha — 19 April 2012
UPDATED VIDEO: Daniel Franzese on ⚡LinA In LA⚡ on Moheak!

He held his own against The Plastics in Mean Girls, spewing the now-infamous line “She doesn’t even go here-” which has been adopted and adapted to almost every outcast situation. As co-creator, producer, and “Ronnie” in Hollywood’s The Jersey Shore-sicle: A Frickin’ Rock Opera,” Franzese took on Snookie and her spray tanned clan of guidos. He’s lent his writing talents to the web series “Shit people say,” with “Shit Italian Moms Say,” via his YouTube channel. Now watch as the actor took on us live at the Moheak Radio station as we dished on everything he’s been doing since battling the high school hierarchy.
With Daniel having won a Stoney Award, we discussed the “herbal” holiday that is 4/20, and recapped our escapades in the Coachella party circuit (including a debate on the highly controversial Tupac hologram).

Watch the entire Moheak show below, and follow Daniel on Twitter @whatsupdanny!

Watch live video from Moheak.com Indie Radio Los Angeles! on Justin.tv

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