Featured Moheak Radio Pop Cultcha — 05 April 2012
⚡LinA In LA⚡ LIVE STREAM From LogoTV Awards & Adam Lambert Scoop

We deviated from the norm this week at Moheak Radio and took a roadtrip away from the studio to the red carpet  at LogoTV’s New Now Next Awards! For the first time in Moheak history, we took viewers right to the guests as we planted ourselves in the thick of the red carpet extravaganza, interviewing pop culture provocateurs and red carpet royalty as they shocked and frocked their way into The Avalon in Hollywood.

Afterward, we got to hang out in the green room with the winners and performers (including Adam Lambert, seen in our pic above) while sipping yummy signature cocktails (the marshmellow concoction was our favorite!) AS WELL AS go back and forth to a great seat inside for the show… right next to the bar! Ha!

Speaking of Mr. Lambert, we also just happened to interview the much-beloved — much obsessed-over! — singing star this week for the LA Weekly’s upcoming People Issue, and while we don’t want to spoil the goodies he gave us — and rest assured, we got stuff we are POSITIVE nobody else has ever got from him — we will say this: his new music is going to surprise a lot of people! He played us three tracks off his cell phone and they are funky with a capital “F.”  Dance floors will be pumping this stuff out guaranteed. He may even have to change his nickname from Glambert to Whambert, as the sound is somewhere in between George Michael and Michael Jackson… If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the two pics we tweeted the day of the interview and photo shoot, PLUS a bonus third shot (left) not seen before!

But enough about that for now, the LOGO Awards were a blast both inside and out. As we mention in the embedded videos below, we usually pass on red carpet coverage due to the ravenous nature of photogs and bad vibes we get from celebrity journalists who fight for time with famous peeps. Not our bag. But when Logo’s carpet happened to coincide with our Moheak webshow, we decided to take a chance and film it LIVE. The result is admittedly kinda choppy and freeze-y (the Justin TV app is good, but it cuts in and out alot). Still, we think we got some fun footage, and our girl Kirsti Urpa did a great job holding down the fort in studio…

Check out the clips below for our interviews with Willem Belli, The Lady Bunny (who is obviously jealous of our boogie), Busy Phillips and Sam Pancake and several contestants from the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and look for a full slideshow from the carpet, the ceremony AND the after party on LAWeekly.com on Monday! The New Now Next Awards, hosted by kelly Osbourne, air on Monday on the LOGO channel at 10 pm.


Watch live video from Moheak Radio on Justin.tv

Watch live video from Moheak Radio on Justin.tv

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