Featured Night Life — 06 April 2012
Party Picks PLUS Skrillex’s Real Doppelganger Revealed!

Mark our words: Dubstep will be the  ”nu-metal” of the 2010′s … It’s just waaay too hyped. Whether or not Skrillex will survive the fallout remains to be seen, but it seems our colleagues at the LA Weekly sure aint tired of writing about him – his music or his looks, which to us has always been much too reductive (thanks Madonna- see below) to even comment on. Hell, even Trent Reznor called out Skrilly’s hair-do when he tweeted a pic of himself rocking the same look from the early 90s. The ubiquity of asymmetrical, shaved heads, smarty glasses and Clairol jet black dye aside, some rock this look better than others, and they are usually female.

In honor of the Skrill’s friendship and collabs with our LA WEEKLY CLUB PICK (see end of post) subject this week, we are breaking our silence about his REAL double, a GUY who did the nerd goth look better than most, and as we write about HERE, inspired many to look this way years ago: designer Christian Siriano! Perhaps Skrillex was a Project Runway fan?




THURS. 4/12

Diamond Dogs Grand Re-opening at Bardot




SAT. 4/6


No doubt about it, Madonna’s still got it. Her moves are on point, her face and body look better than SNL’s Sally O Malley (“I’m 50!” kick!) and her music is as buoyant and infectious as ever. Is it deep or intricate? No, of course not. But it never was. The queen mother of pop is wisely sticking to what she does best– dance floor confection. She’s about as “reductive” as her wanna-be (Gaga) but ripping off yourself is always acceptable when it comes to pop. She is a peculiar one when you hear her speak, though. Hints of fake British accent remain, and they mesh with a very matter of fact, well-thought out sort of diction that’s at once deliberate, dead pan and totally diva. Madonna is the ultimate pop icon to parody. But few do it well. Nadya Ginsburg is arguably the premiere Madonna personifier (don’t want to say impersonator). Catch her second of two shows tonight at Casita Del Campo’s Cavern Club and then head over to Akbar (see photo at left, from last month’s party with Ryan Heffington) to get into the groove with her pal Mario Diaz, and surely, much of the audience from the show. More of our picks for the week below. Click links to invites and info.

Full Frontal Disco 3 Year Anniversary

MON., April 9…

MON. 4/9

DUBSTEP DJ Set by J Devil (Jonathan Davis – Korn) at Dim Mak Studios

It’s also a listening party for Korn’s latest, “Path of Totality.”  See what we wrote about the band’s dubstep claims and the record HERE.

AND, here is our CLUB PICK about Skrillex pal J-Devil from this week’s LA WEEKLY (print edition):

DJ J Devil aka Jonathan Davis

At Dim Mak Studios

Mon., April 9

So did Korn invent dubstep or not? The rhythmic metalists have the support of ‘step sensation Skrillex that’s for sure, not to mention several other respected beatsters of his ilk. Their latest album, Path of Totality, features a host of ‘em too. Bombastic bass and thrashing repetition of the banger variety make up the new disc, which does feel like a natural evolution of Korn’s previous “metal” work in many ways. The dub debate isnt likely to be settled soon –dance music heads still can’t seem to agree on the definition of techno!– but at least we can all see if the Korn frontman has deck skillz this Monday. Jonathan Davis aka J Devil will be taking possession of the decks at Dim Mak Studios for a special set and listening party. Of course, he’ll spin some Skrill thrills and be pumping out Path tracks, but what we really wanna hear? “Freak On A Leash,” dub-rubbed, stepped-up and bass-y as a beast off leash. (Lina Lecaro)

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