Featured Pop Cultcha — 30 April 2012
Chatted Out on LOGOTV’s RuPaul’s Drag Race

A belated Condragulations to Sharon Needles for winning RuPaul’s Drag Race! We had a blast trading quips with the queens all last season on LOGOTV’s chat and she was always our favorite…. after our pal Willam Belli of course! When the season began and LOGO asked us to participate in the “live chat room” during the show with some of the show’s favorite wo(MEN), we were intimidated to say the least. Would we be able to hold our own inside the wigged out feed? Would anybody care what some straight chick had to say? Well, the experience has a total hoot and we learned a lot! And yeah, we think we definitely added some fun commentary to the chat too…

Check out our show featuring Willam HERE, last year’s winner Raja HERE, and our live coverage of LOGO TV’s New Now Next Awards HERE. Also check us out chatting with our girl Damiana (she let us squeeze next to her for interviews! xoxo) on the red carpet for World of Wonder HERE. Oh and ya gotta see the amazing shots we did for LA Weekly HERE!

We actually kinda flirted with Needles on the red carpet, revealing that s(he) was the cutest as a boy — ie, the one we and most straight would DO if we had to choose–  but that part got cut from the broadcast feed! At least we got a hot shot (above) of Shar’s in that black and white rubber ensemble! You will see the Lady Bunny telling us that we should be a contestant on Drag U and that we’d win. If you watch that show, you know that’s anything but a compliment as the show is all about tragic gals who need some help getting sexy. As we say on the show, we think LB was jealous of our boogie! Drag U, by the air starts airing soon, who knows, maybe we’ll be chatting it up for that as well. Stay tuned…


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