Music — 26 April 2012
You’re So Vain- You Probably Think This Post Is About You

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson covering Carly Simon. What’s not to like? This new track was just unleashed on YouTube, and we’re digging it about as much as Manson’s version of “Tainted Love,” which is quite a bit. Apparently this will be a bonus on Born Villain, which you may recall MM himself gave us an exclusive preview of when he DJ’d with Twiggy Ramirez (left) at an art opening late last year. Read our full report here and listen to the cover below.

“You’re So Vain” is a brilliant, kinda meta song aint it? Simon obviously wrote the thing about someone, and whomever that may be, if he indeed thought the song was about him, well, then it just proved how vain he really was, didn’t it?

Not to mention all the dudes who thought it was about them and when it wasn’t, which we think she intended the song to sorta be about as well. Still with us here?

The mystery about who it actually is about only made the tune cooler too. Was it one-time lover and lookalike Mick Jagger? New hubby James Taylor? Other fellows alluded to: Nick Nolte, Warren Beatty, David Bowie, David Geffen… Simon has teased on numerous occasions that she actually whispers the name of Mr. Vain backwards, hidden in the track. There’s some pretty complicated and fascinating theories out there which, she seems to have helped propagate.

One wonders if Marilyn and Johnny were thinking about anyone in particular when re-recording the hit. Like say, their respective exes,  Dita Von Teese and Vanessa Paradis? Rachel Evan Wood? Kate Moss, perhaps? Depp, by the way plays drums and guitar. (If a real video is made here’s hoping that he’ll don his sexy Barnabus Collins look).

Truth be told everyone has a “You’re So Vain” type guy or gal in their past or present… some of us, more than one. That and its catchy chorus is what makes the track so brilliant and a classic that will endure pretty much forever. Marilyn’s not the first to cover it (Faster Pussycat’s version in the 80′s was pretty good), but he might be the most ironic, considering his grandiose personna and attention whore-ish ways. He not only primped but insisted on donning his sunglasses before we took the pic above. Always happy to pose for us, he’s a pretty cool guy, but we think he’d himself admit that this song could in fact, be about him…

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  1. Love it – Manson’s voice is something else! Have to see the vid, though, to see if Depp sings, because all I can hear is Manson. Favorite Manson track: The Nobodies, which he did for the movie From Hell starring, natch, Johnny Depp.

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