Featured Moheak Radio Music — 12 April 2012
UPDATED VIDEO: Willam Belli on  ⚡LinA In LA⚡ on Moheak!

He was arguably the most controversial contestant EVER on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and while he may have been an attention whore (what queen isn’t?), he was never a bore! We predicted he’d win the whole kit & caboodle a few months ago, but alas Willam Belli got kicked off!  And NOBODY knows why to this day! Willem was nominated for a LOGO NEW-NOW-NEXT award and said that he’d reveal why if he won, but he didn’t… so he didn’t.

Belli was our special guest on LINA IN LA last week, and we tried our darndest to get him to crack or at least slip some hints about what actually went down… and HE DID. We talked about his new viral video hit, “Chow Down Chik-Fil-A,” (which addresses the food chain’s anti-gay stances) and performed the song live in studio!

We started at a new time: 5 pm pacific: giving an extra half hour to rock and talk. And boy did we have stuff to talk about, namely the response we got regarding  this blog  post. We’ve done quite a few list posts for the Weekly, but NONE of them got the kind of hate this week’s “Hot Chick Bars” one did.

Initially we weren’t even sure we wanted to take the assignment, not so much because we knew declaring such a thing would garner negative response from those who disagreed with our choices, but more so because we were afraid of perpetuating LA nightlife as shallow. But then we thought about the world we live in today and changed our minds…

In 2012 we are all somewhat attention whores (just like our boy Belli, who struck a nerve precisely because he didn’t hide it). Thanks to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and on and on, we all pretty much objectify ourselves these days. Everyone’s got something to promote (a band, a clothing line, a blog) and if they don’t, it’s about promoting themselves. Looking good when one goes out is part of that. And while it’s always been this way, these days a picture captures it forever, going way beyond a memory captured on paper. It’s a representation of ourselves, and via social media, it makes a statement.

We know when we shoot someone for our slideshows, the likelihood that it will end up on one of these social outlets if it’s good, is huge.  We thought we chose a diverse variety of gals for the bar list and felt that being a woman, we were able to write it in a respectful and celebratory way. We made an effort to stay away from Barbie doll — fake boobs, hair and lips — looks that have become stereotypical “L.A.” and chose a wide variety of hotness. Many readers did not agree and were vicious in their comments stating so.

Willam inspired a similar ire while on Drag Race. We talked about this, in addition to other useful information, such as how to “tuck.” Check it all out in the video below!

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