Featured Wear It, Work It — 14 April 2012
WORN OUT: Retro Glam Frocks ROCK

It’s been a bit since we blogged a going-out get-up, which is unfortunate, because we’ve had some real doozies! From Vegas vamp (a report from Sin City IS on the way) to punk spunkette, we continued our quest for the perfectly appropriate ensemble for each event we attended the past several months. Alas, our freelancing plate was just too full to show off our some of our fiercer fashions… But this past week, the debut of Diamond Dogs at Bardot called for something special AND cozy, and thanks to our frequent +1, photographer Gennan Shippen, we’ve got plenty of pics to show ya too. Note the similar poses here! Ha!

Our full Diamond Dogs slideshow with all the clubster looks is on the way, but here, we’ve got just a glimpse of the glam for ya. Above, singer pal Kate Crash and her girls are looking sassy in shiny black badgirl looks… we kinda stand out in our pink pantsuit, but maybe that’s the point… The awesome two piece is by Petro Zillia, which is always whimsical. We often wear the jacket alone, but the two together make quite an impact. It’s hot pink wool with details including heart patches on the elbows and tuxedo like seems down the sides of the pants. Love it. We paired it with bright pink matching lipstick, a slinky halter top (no name brand) and rhinestone jewelry. Gen rocked rhinestones too, with a gorgeous vintage purple maxi dress -you can find some good ones on Etsy right now- embellished with a rhinestone star design. A glitter star headband completed the look.

The perfect backdrop for an impromptu fashion shoot? The neon lit stairway at the entrance/exit of the club! We got door goddess, Cin Ishi, in on the modeling sesh and she looked hot in her star tights and glitter platforms. We sure were seeing stars as we left, but maybe that’s less about the clothing we saw and more because we danced as much as we drank. One thing is for sure, Diamond Dogs is sure to inspire many more dressed-up and glammed-out evenings to come!

Next WORN OUT fashion post: Our Coachella party — not fest — fashions.

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