Moheak Radio Music — 31 May 2012
Video & Links: Betty Blowtorch Still Rock Our World!

A little over 10 years since the passing of beloved Betty Blowtorch lead singer Bianca Halstead, a.k.a. Bianca Butthole, the band’s remaining members marked her birthday with a blistering tribute show at El Cid.  The Thursday before, we were honored to have the ladies, along with singer Mia X, in the Moheak Studio to celebrate the life and times of their friend and bandmate… and rock out for us live!

We’ve always had a close connection to the ladies of Betty Blowtorch. A big fan of the band, we were really excited when we were assigned to do a feature for LA Weekly on the gals at the height of their career. After interviewing them, we loved them even more, particularly Bianca, who was seriously one of the funniest people we’d ever met. But joy turned to sorrow, when upon completion of the piece, we got word that the singer was in a fatal car crash while on tour. Our article had to be turned into an obit, which to this day, was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to write.

You can read that obituary for LA Weekly  here, and coverage of her wake at the Dragonfly in the Los Angeles Times here.

Check out the pics from BB’s recent El Cid tribute show here. If you missed the sold-out event you have another opportunity to have them rock your world. The gals just announced another show in Anaheim. Info here.

Check out an exclusive acoustic performance from the band below. The sound and facilities weren’t the best, but they made magic nonetheless.

Video streaming by Ustream

Wanna learn more about the band and their story? You gotta see Antonia Scarpa’s compelling film “Betty Blowtorch and her Amazing True Life Adventures.” Yours truly even makes an appearance, talking about the band and its impact. Get it from the band’s official website here.

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