Featured Pop Cultcha — 31 May 2012
Dita Von Teese and Burlesque’s Best: Our Lustiest Links!

Dita Von Teese’s “Strip Strip Hooray,” just ended it West Coast run last night. If you missed it, we’ve got the next best thing: a collection of the various write-ups we’ve done on the burlesque superstar the past couple years! OK, reading about her might not be the turn-on seeing her in the flesh is, but we promise it’s revealing in a different kind of way! Links below…

Check out our interview with Dita before her Avalon show back in 2009 (where she first debuted her Opium Den themed Asiana fantasy),  here. It was a lot of fun and even featured recipes for her favorite cocktail!

After catching the show, we tackled the debate about whether modern burlesque should be treasured or trashed. Read it here.

A few weeks ago, we reviewed Teese and her latest spectacle, “Strip Strip Hooray”  for the Los Angeles Times. Read that here.

And we can’t talk about Dita without giving props to our colleague Gendy Alimurung for her recent ravishing LA Weekly cover story. Read it here.

A couple more boob n’ bootie packed links while we’re being a “click whore.” We’re particularly proud of our write up on one of our favorite troupes, Victory Variety Hour, who happen to quote us heavily on their website. Read it here, ogle the slideshow here. By the way, VVH celebrates 7 years and still bouncing next Sat., June 9. Look for a writeup (and link!) soon….

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