Lina Lecaro’s Definitive LIST Of Lists

In case you haven’t noticed, blogs these days love lists. And why not? They’re all nice and organized for you (so you don’t have to think too much), they tend to get straight to the point editorially (so you don’t have to think too much) and often feature lots of photos (so you don’t have to think too much). Don’t get us wrong, we love a good, well-thought out roll call, especially when it explores something genuinely significant. LA Weekly in particular have done very well with them, and we’re stoked to have contributed to some their best (written and ranked/most read).

And yet, when we’ve been asked to craft such pieces or contribute to them, we are always a bit trepidatious. The end-all nature of “lists” inevitably invites debate and as we’ve learned recently, even hate! How DARE one writer or publication endeavor to declare something is “the best” and even worse, rank them as such! We get it. We even kinda agree. But what we’ve tried to do when writing them, is simply give LOVE… especially love for our city, its people, places, music, art and events. If readers haven’t always agreed, it’s all good (the more vehement commenters and even asshole web trolls, the more hits the post ultimately gets… so in essence haters actually help the writer they hate on! Ha!)

Ultimately EVERYTHING is subjective. Hell, if we let dissenting views hold us back from doing things, we wouldn’t/shouldn’t be a journalist. With LA Slush evolving as an archive for our writing work with other publications, we will be sharing links to as much of our work as we can find on the net (and eventually scanning and posting the stuff we can’t) right here. So it made sense to start off the procession of links to come here, with –you guessed it– a list all of our LIST POSTS for LA Weekly so far this year, and a little end of last year stuff too! Live, Love, List!!!


LA Weekly’s Music Blog, West Coast Sound

Six Reasons Why Las Vegas is the Best Party City in the World

Top 10 Best Historic Rock Clubs in L.A.

Top 20 Sexiest Male Musicians of All Time

Top 10 L.A. Club Nights of 2011



LA Weekly’s Arts Blog, Public Spectacle

Top 10 Bars with the Hottest Women in L.A.

Top 10 Strip Clubs in Los Angeles

Top 10 Gay Bars in Los Angeles

Top 10 Hottest Looks at L.A. Fashion Week (On and Off the Runway)

10 Bars Most Likely to Get You Laid in L.A.

Top 10 Badass L.A. Parties of 2011

Top 11 Fashion Trends of 2011

Top 5 Ridiculous but Awesome Christmas Shows in L.A.



LA Weekly’s Sex Blog, After Dark

Top 20 Most Epic Vagina Songs EVER- Pt. 1

Top 20 Most Epic Vagina Songs EVER- Pt. 2

6 Ways to get Freaky with Food on Valentine’s Day



LA Weekly’s Food Blog, Squid Ink

10 Best Dive Bars in Los Angeles

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