Featured Moheak Radio Pop Cultcha — 14 June 2012
COOP on  ⚡LinA In LA⚡ Moheak

Vargas’ pin-ups, Keane’s big eyed nymphs, Nagel’s new wave ladies, Shag’s mod mamas… the female form takes on many different incarnations in the hands of a skilled artist with a specific vision. All prove that allure can be found in many different forms too. Like the above, the work of Chris “Coop” Cooper has an instantly recognizable quality, particularly his rendering of the female form via his popular devil girls. Beyond his voluptuous red-skinned vixens his stuff has a vibrancy and an old-timey cool that’s made it beloved by the hotrod, low-brow, comic and rock n’ roll worlds. We’ve been a fan for years, so it’s an honor to welcome the Coop as our guest on LinA In LA on Moheak.com today!

The renowned artist (who has a big signing party for his brand new book, Idle Hands- The Art of Coop, this Saturday at Studio Servitu) will be in the studio with us today, talking about his work, his inspirations, his favorite music and more! We first discovered Coop’s devil girls via Lords of Acid’s Voodoo-U album cover above, but we’re guessing his own tastes run the gamut and so will our setlist!

Buy tix to the exclusive signing party HERE. Tune in TODAY, Thursday, June 14 from 5-7 p.m. Coop will be on around 6 p.m. CLICK HERE and click the USTream link to watch live.

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