Featured Night Life — 27 July 2012
Lina in LA (LA Weekly) Links: July in Photos & Words

July sure was jolly! And very, very hot. Which meant we were outdoors a lot. Though our birthday is in August, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to roar and rage for it at Summertramp in Downtown a week early. Thanks to our BFF Gennen Shippen (Watch The Stars Photography) who shares shots in the first slideshow below, it wasn’t all work and no play either.

Also rounding out the month, a pretty in pink foam party courtesy of the intimitable Perish Dignam, Trannyshack with dirty bootie bumper/thumper Christeene and Whore Haus’ Friday the 13th Fright Night (both at Los Globos… we used the stairs a lot that night and depsite the date were LUCKY we never fell), a birthday bonanza at Bar Sinister and more Trannshack madness at the Echoplex with Traci Lords. We even got in a quickie –interview– with the former porn goddess turned pop singer. See bottom of post.

The cycle of life is a trip.  There were so many birthdays to celebrate this month, but one of our most important pieces of written work was about death… the death of LA nightlife king Rick Calamaro. As a  journalist, we think obits are the toughest thing to write, especially  when you know the subject. The catch 22 for us is, we only feel qualified to do them in the first place if we did know the person, and if we feel the need to honor them or highlight who they were and what they did. With Calamaro known mostly as the former assistant to Charlie Sheen, we felt the need to remind LA of his contributions to nightlife. According to his friends, we did him justice. And that’s what it’s all about…






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