Featured Night Life — 06 September 2012
Lina in LA: August in Link & Photos

Summer 2012 came and went way too fast in Los Angeles. August in particular is extra nuts… always. It’s our birthday month and we do claim the entire four weeks for celebrating. It’s a Leo thang! Our favorite outdoor shindig, Summertramp, was the site of our wildest b-day party, but good times (and hot photos) were also had at Lucha VaVoom and the Sunset Strip Music Festival. We reviewed the outdoor festival and the pre-event with X, plus we scored an exclusive interview with the always entertaining (and perplexing) Marilyn Manson. Read below.

Additionally, we wrote about punk legend Tony Brandenburg (The Adolescents) and his wife’s fight against the Pasadena Unified School District, which discriminated against their special needs child… Unfortunately, they are still fighting for justice on this issue.

Nightlife, music and fashion journalism is fun and dandy, but it is especially rewarding for us when we can shed light on an issue or struggle such as Tony’s. We were truly inspired by this family, and their persistence and insistence to be heard. Nothing is more punk than that.


After Sunset

Video Vamps & VaVoom with a View


Sunset Strip Music Festival – Marilyn Manson, Steve Aoki – August 18, 2012

X – The Roxy – Sunset Strip Music Festival – 8/17/12

Marilyn Manson Rambles, Makes Jokes About the Dark Knight Killer

The Adolescents’ Lead Singer Fights For His Kid

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