Cheap Thoughts Featured The City — 22 May 2013
Cheap Thoughts:  A Mayoral Moment in Echo Park….

We did not vote for Mayor of Los Angeles yesterday. We heard views from both sides by people we respect both in person and via social media.  Then we did a bit of our own research… Truly did not want to vote for either of them, so we didn’t. Not sure if this was right or wrong.

We shot the photo here during an Eric Garcetti appearance a few weeks ago in Echo Park. We were there to investigate rumors about the Rolling Stones playing the Echoplex and decided to stay and hear him speak. His speech was very “I’m OG-Eastside” oriented with tales of boat rides in Echo Park as a kid (the park reopens in June, but the boats will be a while apparently) and dinner with grandma at the neighborhood eateries on the street. He took a lot of  credit for improvements to the area, some of which we believe he is responsible for (others are simply about the natural gentrification growth that we’ve seen as a long time are resident of the area). Garcetti may be the Mayor of LA now, but we’ve been the Queen of Silver Lake for years, babes! Ok, one of the queens ;) Either way, we know of what we speak.

Anyway, before we left EG-the-OG, standing in the very strategic spot between Origami Vinyl and The Echo, he shared a nugget of hipster-wisdom that was clearly sort of a joke, though there was some real sincerity in what he was saying too. We thought it was lame and he was trying too hard to be cool at the time, but today, thinking about it a little more, we think the right guy might have won, at least for our ‘hood. We bet Greuel would have no idea what the quote below even means–

“If you take anything away from my speech today let it be this,” Garcetti said with a deadpan smile. “Taix is pronounced “TEX” not “TAY!!!”



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