If there’s one thing I’ve learned writing about Los Angeles music, nightlife, fashion and lifestyle for nearly two decades, it’s that there is no one sound, scene, look or “way” that is “LA.” This is the most diverse, unpredictable, throw-you-for-a-loop place to live in the world. Indeed, just when I think I might be getting jaded or know what to expect at a certain locale or from a certain group, they prove me wrong. And I love it. The day I stop loving it is the day I stop doing what I do.

LA Slush has been evolving since I launched it last year. I started this blog as a place to showcase people and places beyond my previously published work and feature contributors who I felt had something interesting to say. But, as my plate got fuller, that became difficult. I’m proud of the “slush” of personalities, ideas and talents I’ve presented here, but currently this site contains a more personal focus, with posts primarily about my work for other publications, behind the scenes perspectives and spotlights about guests on my webshow, “LinA In LA” on Moheak.com. I will continue to tout and promote the work of everyone on my “contributors” page and in the coming months, that page will turn into “Friends of the Slush” roll-call with links to essential writers, artists and musicians I’ve covered or plan to.

Visit LA SLush weekly for links to ALL of my work — most of it exploring this amazing city I live in — and for insights and anecdotes, thoughts and inspirations. In this day and age of quickie scoops and terse tweets, there just isn’t a place for journalists to do this anymore, which is not only frustrating but kind of sad. I always want more and if you do too, this is the place to get it. If you dig something I’ve written, come here for perspective, behind the scenes tidbits and random thoughts about it.

I’ve been writing for the LA Weekly for a very long time (literally since I was a teen), so the majority of older links here will be from there. Newer links will be to LAW features, my weekly slideshow and party picks in the paper and online. You’ll also find links to my work with LA Times in print and online). I’m expanding my freelance roster, media appearances, DJ gigs and other projects too, so posts and links to additional outlets will be here as well. These include Paper magazine, Los Angeles MagazineMoheak.com and stuff related to my book, “Los Angeles’ Best Dive Bars- Drinking & Diving in the City of Angels.” Lastly, look for lots of fresh links to my newest writing and editing gig, Hollywood Style Scene!

-Lina Lecaro